SeoHyun shares photos with SooYoung, Yuri, and other friends who came to watch her musical

Receiving lots of love and support from her friends, here is SeoHyun together with SooYoung, Yuri, and her friends who came to watch her musical 'Gone with the wind'.

Take a look at their beautiful pictures below~

"Our Sooyoung unnie~~Yuri unnie who came to support the musical some time ago~heh unnies' lavish praises and support were a big help~!!heh thank you so, so much~unnies♡ A comical picture from the waiting room!haha#Sooyoung #Yuri #Seohyun #Seocarlett #GonewiththeWind"

"JaeWon, JaeWon, Shim JaeWon oppa who came to watch Seocarlett's performance~haha the feeling of (having) like a really biological, as much as the feeling of like a biological sister? Jaewon oppa who takes care of me well and who I'm thankful to^^haha I was really thankful yesterday~!!I will become a cooler actress from now on~!hah go!!^^"

"Brother DaHyun who came to watch the play when he's so busy~!!^^I was really touched~TT heh DaHyun oppa who helped me a lot in my first work TMTETS, who takes care of me, and who I'm thankful to~! I will try to become a junior you will be more proud of in the future as well~^^ The day we will work together again shall come quickly~!!heh#KimDaHyun #Seohyun #GonewiththeWind"

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