SeoHyun shares pictures with the cast and friends who came to watch 'Gone with the Wind' musical

Here are more of Seocarlett, SNSD's SeoHyun who played the role of Scarlett O'hara in the musical titled 'Gone with the Wind'.

You can browse her beautiful photos with the cast of the musical, and her friends who came to watch it below~

"Loyalty of the loyal 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' family!!♡ Brother DongSuk~Brother PilSuk~Brother MinJin~HyunSun unnie~~HyeMi unnie!! Because you support and praise Seocarlett, it gave me a lot of strength and I was thankful..I was really touched TT I will really become a greater actress in the future~!!♡#GonewiththeWind #greatactors♡"

"Beautiful teacher HyunMi who always reassuringly supports me~Pleasant KyungRim unnie whom I can learn a lot from~JiSun unnie who always gives me good book presents, who moves me, and whom I'm thankful to~Thoughtful Father JunSu, Lee JongHyuk oppa who is a very great actor heh captured pictures because it was so nice to see them!hehEveryone who came to watch the play~Thank you very much.. ♡#GonewiththeWind #greatseniors"

"Two great unnies whom I love..JuHyun unnie♡SeonAh unnie♡My musical dream developed as I watched unnies' plays..Thank you very, very much for always supporting me, who is lacking a lot and for also giving me generous advices.. To me, you are always reassuring beings.. I respect you, thank you, and I love you..♡ I will work with all of my strength!! so that I can become a great actress who is able to receive love for a long, long time like unnies!!^^#twounnieswhomIlove"

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