SNSD HyoYeon revealed that she will be releasing a lifestyle book in her interview with 'ELLE' magazine

A book about lifestyle and more, that's what SNSD's HyoYeon revealed in her interview with 'ELLE' Korea.

Have a good read, and check out HyoYeon's interesting interview below~

Girls' Generation's HyoYeon sent a love call to ‘Elle'. With an unexpected concept at that. She said she wanted to shoot a beauty pictorial, and, coincidentally, was in the process of preparing a book consisting of her lifestyle know-how's this spring. 9 years since her debut. It's a long time, and showing a new charm from Hyoyeon that hadn't been seen was the editor's mission and want. But, we were kind of worried as to how she may take on natural or smokey eye makeup without fake eyelashes (she said it was her first time shooting without fake eyelashes since debuting), and without the shiny, full makeup she wore on stages. “Hello!” Hyoyeon entered the studio with a powerful greeting. After seeing her detailed [facial] features, and thin legs that looked like they could break, I thought to myself, ‘As expected, she is an idol'. When the concept was explained, she seemed to hesitate, but she energetically replied, “You all are professionals, so I'll trust you and leave it in your hands!” The first cut was natural makeup that was close to not having any on. When she came out wearing a faded denim shirt, she gave off a fresh mood that we, and even Hyoyeon, never knew about. After she handled the following strong red lipstick and deep smokey eye fabulously, a smile slowly spread on her face when we moved to a different spot for the interview. Was it an indication that she was content? During the fairly long interview, she was excited and told us her beauty know-how's, and near the end of it, she pulled a pouch out of her bag, and explained each thing inside of it. It seemed like she really liked this beauty project because she even took photos of her favorite beauty items that she uses at home, and sent them via mobile messengers.

This type of beauty photoshoot is a first for you, right? The concept, mood, and poses were probably unfamiliar. How do you feel?
For me, it was a challenge. Of course, I was hesitant, but since I decided to do it, I tried my best to be confident. When it comes to beauty, I'm really strict. I have my own method when it comes to my eyebrows and eyeliner. Because I've given that up today, it, of course, is awkward, but I got used to it quickly. I kept telling myself, ‘This look is okay, too', and, ‘I can't be stuck in a cage forever'. But, when we did the first test cut, I looked pretty. Haha.

Is there a makeup technique that you always do?
Since I've been active for so long, I think I know my good and bad traits better than anyone. I bring out the good and compensate for the bad. This technique has to do with my eye liner, and eyebrows.

Ah, you're talking about the infamous ‘Hyoyeon eyebrow's'. You only changed your eyebrows, but became dramatically pretty, making you a hot topic amongst fans and, of course, other women.
Yes, that was also created because of my suggestion. It was normally really angled, but I discovered it while attempting different makeup techniques with my mom at home. Your impression could become kinder with just your eyebrows! After that, I've minded my eyebrow makeup to the point where the makeup artists said it was ‘scary'. Every two days, I lower the eyebrow arch, fill in the bottom, and take care of it myself. When it comes to eye liner, I fill in the inner part of my eye well so the middle of my forehead doesn't look wide.

Because you're so laid back and active, I didn't know you had so much interest in beauty.
I really have a lot [of interest]! And, I'm in a setting where I can't help but have interest in it. In the past, when we had China schedules, I did my own makeup, too. I also had a lot of opportunities to learn because there are so many professionals around me.

How do you do your own makeup?
First, my eyebrows are important. I always carry around ‘The Face Shop Brow Master Eyebrow Kit' that Seohyun gave to me as a gift. I also use ‘Benefit Roller Lash Mascara' and make my eyelashes fuller. Using foundation to express my skin is a basic.

You've become 27 without even realizing it. I feel that you would've naturally gotten more interest in makeup, and that your preferences may have changed.
You're right. I can tell just by looking at red lipstick. It's difficult [to pull off]. ‘Doesn't it look too excessive?' ‘Wouldn't I look old?' I also worry whether it would suit my blonde hair well. Then, when I went to Hong Kong not too long ago, I went shopping and bought red lipstick from Tom Ford. There were many varieties of red, so after testing many of them, I decided on the ‘cherry lush' color. I've been wearing it a lot lately. When I apply it by tapping it on with my hand, the complexion just comes to life.

I'm getting quite curious about your beauty pouch.
It's so big! But I always still carry it around. Haha. First of all, I'm greedy when it comes to brushes, so I carry around all kinds of brushes for different uses. Foundation, Malu Wilz concealer, powder, mascara⋯. I also have both liquid and gel eyeliner, along with shadow for everyday use, and a color for when I go out at night. For lip products, I carry around the Tom Ford red lipstick I mentioned earlier, as well as Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato AT02 (she opened the pouch in her bag and explained each and every thing). I always carry hand cream and water, too!

Because you're so excited, I can imagine how you shop for beauty items.
Yes, I shop a lot at duty free shops or overseas. In Hong Kong, if they give miniature samples for free, I always buy something. It's easy to carry in my [makeup] pouch, so I like them a lot. I visit drug stores a lot in Korea as well.

You're a woman by nature. Do you like body, perfume, and candle items too?
Totally. I don't know when, but I found myself always having candles lit in my house. I like the perfume ‘Valentino Valentina'. It's so feminine that it doesn't seem to suit me, right? Haha.

Women are like that. When someone says something is nice, they immediately believe it, and share information. Do Girls' Generation members do that, too?
Of course. If one person wears a pretty hairband with a ribbon, the next day, everyone is wearing a hairband with a ribbon. If we find something nice, we like sharing it.

There's an ‘idol specific care' that people usually picture. Like, you only eat as much as a bird does, you work out⋯
I was kind of like that when I first debuted. We would be be strict towards each other, taking care of and checking on each other. Since we debuted 9 yaers ago, we've almost gotten it down to a science regarding what makes us gain weight, and what helps us maintain our weight. Stress is the worst. It's been a while since I've gotten on a scale. Women can tell if they've gained or lost weight by just trying on a pair of skinny jeans. Instead, I don't eat snacks or ice cream. Though, the other members really like them.

What's the secret behind remaining this slim? Being really active?
Probably. Even nowadays, I've been going skiing every weekend. I even received my scuba diving certification recently. Seohyun and Yuri have been working hard on PT [physical training], but it's tedious for me, but I was into boxing for a while.

When you get on stage, you can't help but expose some skin. How do you care for your sleek and flexible body's skin?
Because my skin is so dry, I apply lots of oils. I pile them on whenever I go to Thailand. If you mix and apply oils and body lotion before you go on stage, it looks firm.

You've got lots of small information. Are all of these things in the book that will be releasing soon?
You're correct. I'm planning on honestly letting people know know-how's on makeup, skin care, and overall lifestyles. I've recently been consistently shooting beauty shots for the images that will be in the book, and I've been discovering appearances that even I didn't know about. It's been really fun learning new tips within that process. Please look forward to it.

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