SNSD SooYoung updates fans with her beautiful photos from New York

Greeting everyone from New York, here's our birthday girl!

SNSD's SooYoung is currently in New York to attend COACH's event at the New York Fashion Week, and here are her photo updates from the city New York~

"Birthday gift from Swarovski 
#beautiful #swarovski #twinkle #Thank You ^_^❤️"

"I spent a wonderful birthday with Coach in New York City- ❤️
 I was very touched with the heartwarming gift and present. 
Thank you so much! #COACH #coachfall2015 I Love this #swaggerbag #swagger"

Aside from her pictures, SooYoung also shared a photo with Stella, and wrote, "I was so happy to see you smile. Love you sis❤️#inNY".

"#nyc #ny"

~♥Happy Birthday SooYoung♥~
~February 10, 2015~

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