SNSD YoonA graduates from Dongguk University!

snsd yoona dongguk university graduation
It's a very happy day for SNSD's YoonA, and for us fans as well!

After working hard with her career and studies, YoonA who majored in Theater and Film has finally graduated from Dongguk University.  Aside from her diploma, she has also received a lifetime achievement award.

Through SM Entertainment, YoonA expressed, "I'm saddened that I couldn′t spend a lot of time with my seniors, juniors and colleagues. But I'm really happy to be attending the graduation ceremony."  She also added, "I'm slightly embarrassed and thankful to even receive the Achievement Award. I'll continue to work hard in the future as well."

The ceremony was held on February 24, and from it, here are YoonA's videos and pictures from her graduation.

Congratulations YoonA!

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