SNSD SooYoung shows her love and support for Soojin

Girls' Generation's SooYoung was out to show her support for her sister named Soojin.

She went to watch her musical, and here's what happened at the backstage.  Check out their lovely photo below where SooYoung expressed, "Choi actress who is moving up. I eavesdrop on her practicing every day in the room beside mine but now that see her perform on stage, I unknowingly teared up... Hehe. To do as well as unni, you have to practice that much. I'm so proud, aigoo aigoo ❤️ #ThroughTheDoor fighting #ChoiSoojin #BroadwayMusical #ThroughTheDoorPremiere #UniversityRoadUniplex #Charlotte #Prettiest #GoddessChoiSoojin"~

Sooyoung's Instagram

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