Jessica was moved to tears after reading the letter from Krystal

Held last April 11th was Jessica's advanced birthday party with her fans.

Her sister, f(x)'s Krystal came in as a special guest and she also wrote a letter which moved Jessica to tears upon reading.

You can read Krystal's letter below:

Happy 27th birthday. I was always sorry that I couldn′t do anything special for you on your birthday, but I can have this special moment thanks to your fans, unnie.

I want to make you cry, but I don′t think that′s going to happen.

Even when I was in middle school and you were in high school, you always seemed like an adult, and now you′re really an adult. Right? Time flies so fast that I′m scared and sad at times.

We danced in the living room a few days ago like we used to sing and dance when we were little. Let′s hang out like that until we′re grandmas.

Even though I may sound childish to you, you still listen and respect what I have to say, and I′m fortunate because I have both a friend and sister in you.

I cried and it hurt my heart so much to see you, who was always so genuine and thoughtful, cry in agony every day and have a hard time.

Even though I felt resentful wondering if people knew what a fragile and delicate person you are, beyond those feelings, what′s most important now is that we surround ourselves with happiness.

From now on, no matter what unpredictable thing happens in the future, I trust that you′ll pull through with wisdom and continue to be my awesome unnie. Because I will always be by your side, and you′ll always be by my side.

Let′s stay strong. And let′s have more fun. Thank you for being my sister. I love you, Soo Jung.


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