Watch SNSD's fancams from the 'Best of Best in the Philippines' concert

Sorry for the delay but we'll now lead you to the fancams of SNSD's performances from the recently held 'Best of Best in the Philippines' concert!

Girls' Generation performed six songs which delighted fans but left them wanting more as well. Solo concert? You know everyone wants it but while looking forward to that, let's check out SNSD's awesome performances first.

Note: Our friend helped us with these fancams, 
so we hope you can appreciate it even some parts aren't stable. Please enjoy and share the videos. Ü

Mr. Taxi


Talk 1 (Greeting)

Talk 2 (Showing fans some 'Catch Me If You Can' steps)



Kissing You

Complete (Sorry, this one is not full)

Talk 3 (Ending)

Mr. Mr.

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