Check out SNSD Yuri's interview from 'Cosmopolitan'

After seeing her lovely pictures, it's now time to get a little bit closer with SNSD's Yuri!

Check out her interview from 'Cosmopolitan' magazine below~

"It's a really stale reply, but my beauty philosophy is 'think positively'. If I happen to make a mistake or come across a troubling moment, I keep a positive mind. Then, I think I quickly turn back into my usual energetic self." -Yuri

COSMOPOLITAN: You dyed your hair brown. Black hair was your trademark.
Yuri: Yes, I think it's been a while since I've dyed my hair. After sticking with black hair for a while, I was getting tired of it. And it's almost summer, so I changed it to a brighter color.

COSMOPOLITAN: Your skin is really nice. The photographer also said editing wasn't needed.
Yuri: Is it because I've tried using all kinds of makeup that people say are good? Haha. Because I have a lot of interest in beauty, I keep a close eye on new monthly items in magazines, as well as items that celebrities recommend and purchase them.

COSMOPOLITAN: Is there any gem-like product that you discovered out of all of those items?
Yuri: La Mer SkinTint and Creme de la Mer are products that I use consistently. The day before filming days, I always use sheet mask packs that have highly enriched essence components, and get my skin into its best condition. And I love lip pencils that adhere to your lips (doesn't smudge).

COSMOPOLITAN: Which do you prefer for your lip pencils, natural or vivid colors?
Yuri: The latter! Rather than nude colors that don't have much color, I like lip products that stand out like real red or dark vampire red.

COSMOPOLITAN: Then, where do you usually purchase your makeup? The department store? Duty Free Shops?
Yuri: I shop anywhere in and outside of Korea. Because you have to try makeup to know if it's right for your skin or not, I like to test it. And, even though the scent is important for perfumes, I prioritize niche brands that not many people know, or ones with flashy packaging.

COSMOPOLITAN: It's already been 9 years since you've debuted. Is there any beauty pointer that you didn't know in the past, but consider important now?
Yuri: Using your pillow properly. Using my smartphone while resting my head on my pillow seemed to create wrinkles on my neck. Actually, my mom has been telling me since long ago that neck wrinkles are difficult to get rid of once they form. One day, those words really started to stick in my ears.

COSMOPOLITAN: As Girls' Generation's representative healthy beauty, how do you take care of your body?
Yuri: In the past, I thoroughly managed [my body], but I don't do it as much lately. Still, I try to take care of myself consistently. I try to maintain a balance with my eating habits, lifestyle, and sleep. I think that women have the right to become more beautiful as they age. In order to do that, efforts need to be made.

COSMOPOLITAN: I completely agree. So then what kind of efforts have you been making in order to become beautiful?
Yuri: Recently, I've been learning horseback riding, which actress Jeon Hyebin recommended, and it's really been effective exercise for my lower tummy, pelvis, and waist. You also have to communicate with the horse, so I don't feel bored at all. Also, on days that I overeat, I go back and forth between weight training and aerobic exercises at the gym.

COSMOPOLITAN: You're really energetic!
Yuri: I'm normally animated, but when I get stressed, I go for quiet hobbies. I recently made pottery by hand with Ock Joohyun unnie, and I also made coffee before that.

COSMOPOLITAN: I'll ask one more question. Which appearance do you like more, innocent/pure Yuri, or sexy Yuri?
Yuri: Sexy Yuri! But, people that have been a fan of me for a long time seem to prefer innocent Yuri.

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