SNSD celebrates YoonA's Birthday

Celebrating SNSD YoonA's special day, here's SNSD's Sooyoung who greeted her with, "Happy birthday to our Yoongie ♥And these days, you make fun of me too much... #WhatDoIDoWithYou #IfYouKeepMakingFunOfMe #LetsJustBeFriends #YoongiesFriend #LoveYou #yoonA #BirthdayGirl #530HappyYoonaDay".

Along with that was YoonA's adorable video which you can see below~

SooYoung: Make a wish! 
YoonA: I wish we will all finish our activities well and in good health. 
Sunny: Oooh, she blew it all out at once.

While Tiffany also added, "#birthdaygirl #yoona".

Additionally, YoonA's cast member from 'God of War Zhao Yun' also greeted her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday YoonA!

Sooyoung and Tiffany's Instagram

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