SNSD YoonA greets fans after filming 'God of War Zhao Yun'

The past months have been hectic for SNSD's YoonA but now that she has successfully finished filming for her Chinese drama titled 'God of War Zhao Yun', she is now here to greet and thank fans for the support.

Along with her beautiful photo, YoonA expressed, "Yoongie is back.  Hello everyone, I am YoonA.  This is my first China drama series, filming that started from Jan and lasted for 5 months. ‘God of War Zhao Yun’ has wrapped up, i finally can greet everyone like this~ Thanks to everyone who cheered for me, i finished filming safely and am back home!I adapted well without any inconvenience and the food there suited me too.  Also i am able to work well with all the actors and staffs.  We bonded really well, so when the time comes for filming to be wrapped up, i really can’t bear to.  And most importantly, this include Korea and China.  Other than that, international fans, not only on press conference (cheering for me), this period thanks to everyone’s trusty support and promotion, I am able to keep my chin up! Really thankful to everyone! Also, the gifts you all prepared for me for my upcoming birthday.  Giving me a valuable gift by doing charity and helping many other people , this really warms my heart, I want to thank everyone again.  The weather is getting hotter nowadays, everyone please take care of your health, and take note of your diet too, fighting!! The drama is estimated to air on Hunan TV in December In the future, I will also meet everyone with a better image~ Thankyou and i love all of you~~!!❤".


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