Birthday Girl SeoHyun wrote a letter for SNSD, fans, and her past self

Girls' Generation's maknae is celebrating her birthday today, June 28th!

Being the sweet girl that we all know, SeoHyun has written a letter for her fellow SNSD members, fans, and to her past self as well.

You can read them below~

A letter to past SeoHyun from present SeoHyun

"To young Seo Ju-Hyun of the past ^_^

When I think of 17-year-old Seo Ju-Hyun now, it feels very young..

Even though it was difficult and tiring at times to be thorough and to be a rule follower even more than I am now, I want to say a word of thanks to young Seo Ju-Hyun who worked hard to protect this appearance.

There will be times when you waver or moments of chaos but like now, I would like you to live believing in yourself and to never forget your thankful heart.

I have made no big regrets after making my choice. Of course, there are times where I don't make perfect or satisfying choices but don't worry about it, and it would be good to enjoy it more and be bolder.

PS. And... if you ever get to meet my mentor... If you don't think you'll be able to say a word because you freeze... Practice hundreds, thousands of times... Hehe. Be thankful of every moment that comes your way from now on! Work hard, young Seo Ju-Hyun ♥ 

From your life sunbae, 25-year-old adult Seo Ju-Hyun"

• SeoHyun's letter to fellow SNSD members •

"To SNSD unnies

We were reborn with a name called Girls' Generation..

We are growing together while experiencing so much together..

When it's fun, sad or upsetting... We were always by each other's side and now our relationship has become so natural.

What will we be like another 10 years from now?

While I imagine it, I think it's really entertaining and somewhat of a distant memory
that who we imagined we would be in the past is who we are now.

We did fight a lot... but I don't think there's any other way to become deeper with one another, hehe. I feel that it means our interest and love grows for each other~ You'd know without me saying anything... I love SoShi unnies. ♥"

• SeoHyun's letter to SNSD's fans, Sones •

"To our SONE ♥

There are so many words I want to say, and there are so many things I want to express but I always feel like I don't do what my heart feels so I'm sorry...

Our SONE who grew and experienced countless things with us, for which we couldn't express "thank you", "sorry" and "love you" through words.

Our SONE... ♥ For always reliably protecting our sides with the loudest sounds... Really thank you so, so much... ♥

Our bond is now beyond that of a fan and singer and something sticky has formed between us... I earnestly hope my heart that I want to express to each and every one of you will be delivered...

SONE's existence alone touches me greatly... I love you so, so much. ♥"

Happy Birthday Seo Ju-Hyun!!


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