Cheers to being healthy with Tiffany, TaeYeon and Yuri!

With their upcoming Korean comeback, Girls' Generation's health is definitely the top priority!

That's why here they are enjoying their health drinks.  Cheers~

"Tiffany: CHEERS TO BEING HEALTHY .Yuri. Taeyeon. Yawning#YOONA"
(Yuri's bottle: Yuri, beauty that I want to look like
Tiffany's bottle: Tiffany, your vitamin-like existence
Taeyeon's bottle: Today, a healthy Hurom Juice as well)

"FYI #beetapple is my favorite"

"♥ I feel goooooood #onset"
(PIC: Right now, it's healthy generation!You Twinkle, healthily twinkle)

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