SNSD HyoYeon greets fans with her smiley ring

We have already heard it before but this time we'll hear it straight from SNSD's HyoYeon!

Together with her smiley ring, here's her photo where she greeted everyone and said, "Hello everyone it's Hyoyeon ♥ How are you all doing? The hot midsummer-like days are continuing, but did you all get the news about SNSD's Korean comeback? Of course it's a Korean album, but I believe everyone will absolutely enjoy it as well. Please look forward to it ^^ Everyone's support is the souce of my energy ♥ Well then, today's picture is this!! A two-shot of me and a wonderful smiley ring (laughs)I know that there are times when it's summer and you're hot and agitated, but don't forget about smiling ^^Alright, let's meet at LIVE MONSTER LIVE and SMTOWN ♥#CatchGG".

After that, you can also check out HyoYeon's photo for her upcoming show titled HyoYeon's 1 Million Likes.

SMEntertainment Japan

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