SNSD Tiffany talked about how popular Prince is in the 7th episode of 'Heart a Tag'

It's another Friday night with SNSD's Tiffany and Lee Cheolwoo on 'Heart a Tag'!

For this week's episode, their topic was about celebrities on social media who have pets. Of course, Tiffany was among them and she shared photos of Prince to which CheolWoo commented, "He looks like he'd be really popular."

Tiffany responded with, "He's popular, I send him to pre-school because I have to shoot Heart a Tag, and his girlfriend changes all the time."

After he got over the shock, Cheol Woo then asked, "Does he have a girlfriend per breed?", to which Tiffany answered, "No. They′re all white dogs. He's a casanova."

Check out the cuts from the 7th episode of 'Heart a Tag' below~

Also, here are Tiffany and CheolWoo's pictures.


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