Watch the full video from SNSD's PARTY @ Banyan Tree

If you missed SNSD's comeback showcase yesterday, don't worry because you can still catch all the excitement and fun!

You can now watch the full video from the event below, but if you only liked to check out SNSD's performances, you may also do so here.

During the event, the girls talked about how they are now working as eight members, overlapping promotions with other girl groups, and more.

With regard to SNSD now with 8 members, TaeYeon said, "We did not want to disappoint our fans, so we rolled up and stuck together more as we prepared, and this became a chance for us to become stronger. Since we've prepared so diligently, it was a shame to show just one song, so this time, we ended up trying out three songs [for title tracks]." Yuri also added, "Seeing as how each member had a long training period, we're fairly good at both singing and dancing. When we were able to separate the members into [three groups of three], we had no time to stand out, which had been a shame, but I think we've now gotten the time to show each member's charm."

When asked about the changes in the choreography and singing parts, they replied, "It's a secret of the business world, so we can't say in detail, but it's a lot easier to dance with an odd number [of people]. Eight is an even number, so making the dance movements is not easy, but we will work hard."

About promoting with other groups, Seohyun also expressed, "I've been waiting to promote again, and it's been a while since we made a comeback in the summer. The Wonder Girls are colleagues we′ve promoted together with before, so when I heard they will be promoting around the same time as us, it was welcome news." She added, "A lot of girl groups are overlapping with our promotions, and that makes us happy. You'll be able to see differences as you watch other girl groups' performances. I also wanted to show 'girl power,' so it's exciting to see a lot of girl groups get attention while promoting."


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