SNSD snapped group pictures with their trophy from 'The Show'

Celebrating it, here are the girls and their adorable group pictures together with their trophy~

"SeoHyun: Tada!!! #SNSD #PARTY got number 1 on SBS MTV THE SHOW~~ Everyone who loved our music~ Our fans who worked hard voting~ Thank you so much and I love you. kkyak~ I'm happy~~"

"Yuri: Sone, you waited for a long time, right?! 
Congratulations...thank you^^ #focusonourfanyshand"

Meanwhile, Tiffany celebrated it with her amusing photo. [More pics from 'The Show' here]

"Tiffany:  I couldn’t control my expressions #PARTY1stwin #Excitement #SONE"

And then TaeYeon with the next one.

"TaeYeon: We got 1st place!!!!! As expected, SONE!!!!!! 
Thank you, thank you again and congrats­čśŹ #tysone #mem"
*Banner says, "Let’s go on for a long time"

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Seohyun's Instagram

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