Girls' Generation's HyoYeon at the release event of her book 'Hyo Style'

It's D-day for the release of HyoYeon's essay book about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle - Hyo Style!

HyoYeon was off for the release event, and you can check her video and photos below.

During the event HyoYeon shared, "SNSD will be greeting fans with a summer party soon. I hope there will be as many reporters then as there are nowI think SNSD′s upcoming promotions will leave a mark in the history of SNSD's promotions."

About her personal style, Hyoyeon added, "I think accessories are important on any outfit. Earrings or a bracelet can highlight a look and make it cute. I use accessories like a clutch or hairband to add accents." She also answered, "ING. My style goes with the flow and changes according to the situation. I will continue to show myself evolving" when asked to describe her personal style in one word.

During the event, HyoYeon also shared, "Before, I wanted to experience everything with a child of my own, so I wanted to get married early. But now, I want to get married after I have accomplished the things I want to do to a certain degree. Even so, I want to get married at 30. Because I know I will live happily".  She continued, "While living in a dorm, my perception of married life has become more realistic. But because I've experienced these things at least once now while living in a dorm, I′ll be better at in when I′m married."

She then talked about her ideal type by saying, "When I was younger, I liked people whose appearance matched my taste. Now, I think humanity is more important. I like people who are overflowing with humanity and can get along with the people around me."

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