SNSD revealed which member they thought would do really well since their trainee days

The fun continues from SNSD's recent guesting on Sunny's 'FM Date'.

During their guesting, they reminisced their trainee days as Sunny asked, "Which member did you think right away would do really well since her trainee days?".

SeoHyun chosed HyoYeon and explained, "Hyoyeon unnie. I began trainee life when I was in elementary school, and that′s when I first saw Hyoyeon unnie dancing. I was so shocked. It was to the point that I thought, ′How is she a human?′ I thought, ′Oh, she can dance by bending every joint in her body.′ She danced so well. I thought she was the best dancer in the world."

Hyoyeon then aswered with, "I thought Sooyoung. Even though we′re the same age, she was so tall, had really long arms and legs, she had a bold image. She was a daring kid. I thought she was someone who would make something of herself."

Sooyoung then responded, "I thought Hyoyeon and Yoona. Yoona was so pretty when I first saw her. We took profile photos together, and Yoona borrowed my clothes. It looked better on her than it did on me. That′s when I recognized her value. I thought she would make something of herself."  SooYoung also added, "Hyoyeon was my trainee sunbae. I thought, in a good way, this is where people who look like her are accepted. I thought, ′This is a place where people like her, who has a small face, is charming and talented, come in. Will I be able to do well?′."

To continue, YoonA picked TaeYeon and said, "I thought Taeyeon unnie. There's a day where we record ourselves singing, and I was shocked then. She had such a nice voice, and she sang so well. I thought, ′If people see her singing on stage, they′re all going to pass out.′"

Taeyeon then answered, "I thought Yuri. When you look at her, she just has this bright personality. She′s also really good at going out of her way to do things in front of people. I think she′ll be able to do anything with a positive attitude."

Yuri chose two members and stated, "I thought Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. First, Taeyeon was really passive and introverted as a trainee. Like now, she didn′t say much. She barely spoke. It was to the point where I would wonder, 'Is she here or not? Is she in the practice room or not?' Taeyeon made her presence known when she sang. I have the file of Taeyeon singing from when she was a trainee. I practice singing that OST. I still love her voice, so I think she′ll do really well. And Hyoyeon dances really well."

To end, Sunny revealed, "I chose Tiffany. As I watched her running around actively and making conversation with a smile on her face everywhere she went, I thought, ′Her sociability is going to see the light some day.′"

Additionally, SNSD also revealed times when they got jealous of each other when Sunny asked, "There are eight girls. They say that when three girls are together, dishes break, so there have probably been broken dishes and then some. You guys don′t get jealous, do you?"

HyoYeon answered, "We do, We're girls. We all have [been jealous] at some point, even if it was just for a moment. We're human too."

Sooyoung said, "It′s not jealousy, but what′s the word.. envy? [It makes me think] ′I have to try like that. If I do this, I′ll be pretty like that.′ It′s a stimulant that helps us out."

Hyoyeon then added, "I think that′s really good. Each member has something I′m envious of. By trying to make up for those things and learn, I grow. I think that′s a really good thing."

Taeyeon picked Seohyun′s time on MBC′s We Got Married as which member′s individual activities she was most envious of. When the other members then brought up the fact that Taeyeon appeared on the show with comedian Jung Hyung Don, Taeyeon said, "Jung Hyung Don oppa, who appeared on the show with me, is happily married. I didn′t want to bring it up anymore."

Meanwhile, Yuri and Yoona said they were envious of Sunny′s DJ activities.


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