SNSD shared their real dreams in their interview with 'The Celebrity' magazine

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Following SNSD's pictures and behind the scene video, we're up for more of Girls' Generation from the latest issue of 'The Celebrity' magazine!

Definitely worth reading, here is SNSD's interview where they talked about their real dreams, passion and more~

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Again, Girls' Generation
celebrity magazine snsd
(Left to Right) Taeyeon is wearing a crop top and skirt by Benjamine Cadette. Tiffany is wearing a patchwork skirt by Benjamine Cadette and a top from the stylist's collection. Seohyun is wearing a jacket dress by Jarret Collection. Sooyoung is wearing a neat blouse and pants by Max Mara. Yuri is wearing a belted dress by Calvin Klein Platinum and glitter heels by Saera. Yoona is wearing a sleeveless one-piece by Benjamine Cadette. Hyoyeon is wearing a feminine silhouette dress by How & What. Sunny is wearing a neat, belted dress by Calvin Klein Platinum. All other pump and heels are from the stylist's collection.

Girls' Generation's Real Dreams

The girls' past appearances still linger before our eyes.

In 2007, they lit up the world with their healthy energy of teenaged girls and made girl group history for the 21st century.

Now in their 20s, the women, who are in the midst of the most beautiful time of their life, are coming back.

They still hold the top position domestically and their lively and never-ending activities as 'Girls' Generation' are relentless; for , they gathered in the same place on the same day at the same time.
The cover and group photoshoot has a 'White SoShi' concept that contains the shining beauty of women in their 20s.

And then the 8 person, 8 colour photoshoot that contains idea of utopia for each member.
15 hours of shooting process is freshly captured in the behind-the-scenes stories.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Yoona's plan?

For the 5 year anniversary, we had a pool party with the members but for 10 years, I want to do a special event that we can enjoy with fans in a friendly way. Not something obvious like a concert or a fan meeting but something special that repays the 10 years of love we've received!

Charismatic Actress Yoona

"I don't have charisma yet. Hahaha!" Yoona laughed playfully. As a singer and actress, charisma that overtakes the stage and screen is Yoona's fantasy. Her charisma, which she modestly says is still incomplete, is currently experiencing growth. Something we know for certain is that she is aggressively and definitely approaching that level. "Before, I simply wore what others picked for me and received what they did for me. I didn't even know anything about myself so I had no choice but to be indecisive. These days, I know more about myself and I have been able to speak up. I have been making my own choices and saying my opinions." In the name of self-affection and self-recognition, the growth of Yoona's charisma is heading toward completion.

First of all, because of your blonde transformation, the hair colour really stands out.
I dyed it for the first time. So far, every time we had album activities, it always coincided with drama filming so I had to maintain the same hair for several months but this time, the timing was right. To change my mood, I attempted a drastic change.

Do you like it?
It's still very foreign. When I go out, I feel like I stand out even more because of the bright hair colour. I got used to going out incognito but after dyeing my hair, I don't think I can go out without makeup on. Even coming to the shoot location this morning, it's my first time coming with a hoodie that covers my face.

After being famous for so long, you must've gotten used to hiding.
I believe the words of sunbaenims when they say, "When time passes, you'll be able to go out naturally and comfortably".

Now time has passed, there must be some things that have gotten better?
SNSD members have all matured. We are each other's foundations. Each and every person shares their experience so we get it eight-fold. Everyone has different talents and pursues different areas for their individual activities; it's as if the members get to experience each other's skills and experiences.

Yoona, what did you give to the other members?
Since I started acting first, I share my experiences of acting or share stories with members who have just started acting.

Within the team, what role are you responsible for? A dependable advisor?
It might seem like it, but in reality, I have the role of the middle child. I'm the only one born in 1990 so I'm right in the middle. Sooyoung unni was also born in 1990 but her birthday is early.

On stage or for acting, you are the eldest and in variety, you have a maknae image but I didn't expect you to answer middle child.
I often hear it's unexpected how easy-going I am. A lot of misunderstandings have disappeared after experiencing a lot of entertainment/variety shows.

Do you have a cool (chill) personality?
My personality is the opposite of cool; I worry a lot. Every time a concern comes up, I consult with various people even though I'm not going to listen to them. While being comforted, it's possible to forget your worries.

How do you solve your own problems?
I try hard to let things go. I've trained myself. With this album, I didn't dwell on anything and prepared for it by comforting my heart.

Did you know that SNSD's 10 year anniversary is not far away?
Wow, that's true! We are in our 9th year of activity in numbers of years but the official count is the 8th anniversary. When we hit 10 years, I think I will be really proud. I hope we can be awesome sunbaes like BoA unni or Shinhwa oppas. 10 year anniversary of SNSD will be an incredible record that many people will be envious of!

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Taeyeon's plan?
We don't have to travel far but I want us to gather in one place and spend quality time with each other.

Rebellious Teenager Taeyeon

It's hard to believe but Taeyeon is already 27 years old. Today, she returned to her teenage years. Wearing a ponytail and posing rebelliously, she jokes. "I've always done this so I'm open to it all. (laughs)" To her, who debuted when she was 19, her memory of her teenage years is mostly of singing and practicing. "Honestly, I don't feel old right now. I feel like a teenager. I feel like I haven't gone through puberty." It's not an exaggeration to say her life so far has been for SNSD but Taeyeon does not make a fuss. "Rather than being depressed that I'm not able to do certain things I want to do, I've accepted this as my life." But there is one thing that she cannot give up. "If I was a teenager now, I would wear a uniform and go to an amusement park with friends. I love thrill rides."

While recording the new album, what thoughts did you have the most?
If you include our activities in Japan, we've shown so many concepts and transformations. This time, we wanted to show, "This is us". I hope the public will see it and feel, "Yes, this is SNSD".

What kind of appearance do you think SNSD has?
SNSD is always having fun. Even when we sing 'Tell Me Your Wish' while wearing uniforms, it feels like a loud conversation among women and even when we do strong concepts like 'Run Devil Run', it's always infused with girliness.

If you could say one thing about the upcoming record, what would you say?
It's a good song to listen to for this season.

Taeyeon, what kind of music do you listen to in the summer?
I don't consider the seasons, honestly. I listen to carols in the summer (laughs). When you listen to carols, it's comforting and it improves your mood. Once in a while, I listen to carols re-made in a jazz style and carols sung by church choirs.

What do you think sets SNSD apart from other girl groups?
Sometimes I look at my members from an objective point of view and it's fascinating, precious and I'm thankful. I think our biggest weapon is the various skills possessed by the members. I learn a lot from watching the members. For example, dressing up like this and posing is awkward for me on a day like today. But when I see members who are like models and create amazing results, I feel like they're from another world.

Taeyeon, do you think you were born to sing?
I'm still working hard to do well. I think that's the right way to sing. It's becoming more and more confusing. But more than anything else, I'm most confident when I'm singing. When I watch audition programs these days, I feel like there are people who are born with the gift of expression. So I feel like I need to do even better. I'm stimulated by that.

Other than TaeTiSeo and musicals, is the reason why you don't do individual activities is so you can focus on singing?
That's right. As a singer, I feel like I haven't done anything properly. After I've done something properly and I have some free time, I would have interests in other areas.

What is the best thing you've inherited from your parents?
My mom likes people who are honest and candid and she tries hard to be like that herself. I'm thankful I take after her personality. And my dad's singing (laughs). When I was young, I always admired my dad's singing.

You always focus on being natural, but are there things you force yourself to do, Taeyeon?
I really don't go out. I dislike going to places with a lot of people. And Tiffany occasionally takes me out. "Come out no matter what, you need to shop." I don't really want to shop but I go out. I try to see things, put some wind in my nostrils and force myself to ventilate.

Do you stay at home because you want to create distance from the stress caused by fame?
Of course I'm thankful for the attention and it's a happy thing but to spend alone time, I defend myself. For me, I find being at home most comfortable. I like drawing at home.

Of SNSD songs, what is your favourite song?
I like the song 'Stay Girls', which is one of our Japanese songs. It's a song about remaining a girl even though time passes and things change. I really like the lyrics. When I toured Japan, I almost had tears every time we sang that song.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Sooyoung's plan?
August 5, 2017! For the 10 year anniversary, I think we will have a party with fans, like we have every year. And after the fan meeting, I want to spend quality time with us. Sharing stories of the past while drinking champagne… It feels like it's far away but it's in 2 years. I'll be waiting for it!

Animal Lover Sooyoung

"When I go home and sit on the sofa, all four run toward me." Four? Sooyoung brought her four dogs to the SNSD photoshoot location and called them by their proper names. Sooyoung's dogs – Suri, Cherry, Bori, Mori – sat on laps, were held, came up and sat beside her; they are family who comfort her mind and body. For her photo shoot concept, Sooyoung chose animal lover, which most closely resembles her current self ("I did think about whether I should choose a pretty or awesome concept like other members"). Sooyoung gave up on training beyond house breaking, that is to say, tricks like "Give me your paw" that humans enjoy so that she doesn't give them stress and she enjoys spending time with the dogs. We saw her natural and comfortable appearance and she laughed brightly.

While we were shooting, we could imagine you taking the dogs for a walk and going to a local supermarket.
I really do live like that. In real life, I really like being comfortable and natural.

Do you not care about the public attention?
My friends are surprised. I go to bars with friends to eat chicken and drink beer and every time my friends ask this. "Are you okay to go to places like that?" It's okay.

Have you built up a tolerance for the attention?
My mind changed a lot thanks to student life. As I lived the life of a normal student that I would've had if I hadn't become a singer, it made me think about my life. Through my school friends, I was able to understand how people live outside of SNSD – that they study hard and find jobs to live. My life is still within SNSD but there is a huge difference between knowing and not knowing life outside of SNSD.

Did facing normal life help you act?
Of course. Outside the role of an actress, you mostly end up acting the life of an average woman. At school, I came face-to-face with other people's lives and imagined normal first love and dates as my life and this was the beginning of understanding a character.

As SNSD, you must not have the stress of job searching that your university graduating class has but you must be proud with graduation coming up.
I am proud of myself on the days I go to school. When I go to school, I feel like this is my real life and my core vocation. SNSD is work that I do. When I think like that, I don't receive as much stress as I would from the fact that I am SNSD.

If you compare the life of a celebrity to work life, you've quickly garnered acceptance and rose very quickly; it would be hard to believe you've received that much stress.
Of course I think the experience and years I've lived as SNSD is precious. Even in lessons at school, there have been things I'm already an expert at as a result of SNSD activities. I have this thought every time that happens. "In this area, I'm an expert." The pride I feel from school is different from the pride I feel as SNSD. Until recently, I wasn't able to see all of the important things I have. I said this when "Gee" was explosively popular. "You like SNSD? Should I get you our autographs?" Now everything is "my stage" and "my music" and "my acting", I feel like this era won't come again. If I knew this earlier, I think I could've been happier earlier but sadly, those days have passed.

You showed us your growth as an actress in last year's drama . Is it growth stemming from that change?
was a truly satisfying challenge. I think my changed mind showed on screen. At the time, the direction deeply implanted the sense of, "This is your location".

Now that your mind has changed, SNSD's summer comeback should remain a happy memory for you.
I'm excited and nervous. Now that all of the members have matured, we can have fun and enjoy it with comfortable hearts. If we are more comfortable, we can boldly and honestly enjoy it.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Yuri's plan?

I think it will be fun for each member to put out a solo album to commemorate 10 years. If that's difficult, we can do an album containing each person's solo song. What if we do an one-hour broadcast special that shows the solo songs on stage? The broadcast date will of course be August 5, which is our debut day!

Surfer Yuri with Copper Skin

Yuri's healthy skin tone is as if she is wearing coffee-coloured stockings. On top of that, it's a concept where she is a surfer who has just emerged from the roaring ocean; it could not be more fitting. If it's Yuri, we imagine she will go out to a sunny beach and confidently ride the waves. "Truthfully, I don't know how to surf. I've never even tried it." But the reality is a surprising confession. "Unnis I'm close to surf a lot so I'm very interested in it. Surfer encompasses ocean, water and sunshine, three things I like a lot, so I thought it was a concept that expressed me well." Not quite yet, but we wonder if Yuri will go to the ocean to fulfill her fantasy of being a surfer after completing this summer's comeback activities.

Your copper skin is very charming. Do you go tanning separately?
I've never gone tanning in my life. I tan easily and I like going outside in the sun. I like riding bikes, running and camping from time to time.

If you went tanning, it would look even better.
I want to tan evenly so I want to attempt it once, but I haven't been able to do it easily (laughs).

You do look tanned compared to other members who are all fair.
Haha. When we wear shorts or skirts, I feel like the lighting doesn't fall on me. So I do worry that my skin tone will look out of place on stage with SNSD. I think I would be greedy when I work alone.

I also think you may have gotten a tan in Jeju Island.
I went to Jeju for 3 nights and 4 days to film Olive Channel's , which starts airing on the 28th. It's a program where I rode in a small car with (Choi) Kang-Hee unni and slowly visited various places in Jeju. With only a map, we went on rural roads in Jeju at under 40 km/h. Our accommodations were a bunk bed in a guest house. I learned a lot. Later on, I want to live a lighter, slower lifestyle. I want to live in Jeju Island as well.

Wouldn't it be uncomfortable for SNSD Yuri?
When we go overseas for SNSD activities, we always receive hospitality. I came to think of that as normal but after visiting Jeju Island, it gave me objective perspective about how exceptional that life is. It made me realize things I had forgotten, so I think the discomfort of regular life won't be a problem. I learned that despite discomfort, the joy you receive is incredibly huge and that it's precious.

What is your life as SNSD like?
It's special but normal. If there are times where I experience happiness hundreds of times in one day, there are also times that are so difficult that it's almost impossible to bear.

While preparing for this album, the emotions must have felt new.
Preparing for an album brings anticipation, like looking forward to an adventure. I think that the anticipation is the most enjoyable part of life. But I think anticipation and joy only comes when you're well prepared. It's like being well prepared before leaving for an adventure. I enjoy adventure and challenges but when I have to act on it, I get scared so I tend to become more careful.

You are more focused on hard work than your mood.
When you work hard, your body gets used to working hard, diligence becomes absolute and if I don't work hard, I'm uneasy. It shows in the result but I also think the process is important. If I'm not confident or satisfied in the process, you can't convince anyone else.

You're currently enrolled in Chung-Ang University's Theatre and Film department, which is well-known for hard training, with Sooyoung. Are you impacted by the unique school environment?
There are times when I become unknowingly anxious. Because everyone works really hard. I'm very impacted by my school friends. It reminds me of when I was that passionate.

Are you planning on going full swing into acting?
I always experienced both eagerness and burden with regards to acting activities. Even though I am a SNSD member, I did dream of being an actress. It's not urgent but as I get older, I would like to act consistently.

What was the foundation for SNSD's growth for the last 9 years?
The fact that it wasn't always good. We learned that as you live, there are times when things don't go your way. After experiencing this, the eight of us were able to grow strong and become united.

Are you planning on taking a vacation after this summer's comeback activities?
I don't plan my vacations or trips; it's not my style. When I have time, I leave right away. Maldives, Hawaii, Okinawa, Bali, Guam, Koh Samui… I like going anywhere. As long as there is sun and ocean.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Tiffany's plan?

I want to communicate with the fans so we can reflect many of their opinions. I would also like to hold a performance that shows off songs that we haven't been able to show through music videos or on stage. I would also like to work on an album that the members have written and produced. I would like to use all of the proceeds on female students who are studying art. In the beginning, SNSD was one of those female students. You could say it's a fund dedicated for the next generation's SNSD.

Fashionista Tiffany

TaeTiSeo's director and SNSD's opinion leader, Tiffany. She diligently checks every piece of clothing and every pair of shoes that appear in the photoshoot; her perfectionism is already a well-known story. Not just for SNSD activities but for day-to-day life, nothing is nothing out of line for her. As a fashionista, before camera, she directed herself as a 'fashion editor', the fashionista of the fashionistas. The concept is . Perfectionist Anna Wintour (Meryl Streep's role) and confused intern Andie (Anne Hathaway)!"

Your concentration throughout the shoot was memorable. You showed a diligent and detailed side of yourself.
I can't tolerate mistakes. For everyone to be happy with the results, you have to have good results. Even if the process might be difficult, it has to be perfect.

You try very hard and you are a perfectionist.
I boss the people around me but it's also incredibly tiring for me too. For some, this might be annoying and tiring but the members understand my heart so I am very thankful. They tell me, "Tiffany, things do improve with the influence of your opinions".

There must have been a lot of misunderstandings in the beginning.
They all understand later. The people I meet working, they're not usually people I just meet once and they know I'm not trying to bother them from a place of selfishness or malice.

With the announcement of your comeback, the public is most interested in SNSD's new concept.
Of course SNSD has done some iconic concepts but I think they were coincidences. SNSD's concept has always been an age-appropriate and natural appearance. The motif is the growth of women through the ages.

Then what growth stage is SNSD at now?
I think we are at an age where we feel like we know, but we also don't know, ourselves. So in my case, I let my guard down.

How was it letting your guard down?
Once you let your guard down, there is a certain charm that comes out of it. The charm of being able to show your honest appearance. Is this what you call maturity?

For a perfectionist to commit to letting your guard down, it must have taken a lot of courage and a sense of adventure.
Haha, I enjoy challenges!

What was the most fearless adventure you challenged yourself with so far in your life?
Coming to Korea in the 3rd year of middle school. After getting through the SM Entertainment audition, I made the decision and came to Korea in 3 weeks. My life was in the US and my parents thought I had lost my mind. Even when I look back now, it was a wild challenge.

Your passion for life is hot. Do you even have lazy days where you rest?
Of course. I live a busy life because I know I can get lazy so I'm trying to prevent that. When I'm lazy, I really don't do anything. I don't like it when I'm lazy.

What's the reason you've always worked so hard?
I had a goal of being a singer who represents Asia, like BoA sunbaenim.

Will you keep working hard?
Other challenges are awaiting me. In my 30s, I would like to work on a solo album in the US. A longtime dream of mine is to stand at the 'Grammy Awards' and to perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Do you have a role model?
Jennifer Lopez. I want to become an iconic female solo singer who shows her colour, music and lifestyle. While working on my own music, I want to help grow hoobaes as a producer.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Hyoyeon's plan?

I would like us to create a fan song. We may need a bit of help when we work on the song (laughs). I think expressing your thankful heart to fans through a song is the most touching. I don't have a lot of tears but I get emotional when I listen to H.O.T. sunbaenim's "Celebrate" or S.E.S. unnis' "Relay".

Intense Punk Hyoyeon

"Hyoyeon, when we saw you take your photos before…" "I did well, didn't I? (laughs)" We were just about to say that. Today, Hyoyeon embodied punk itself to the point that it was difficult to believe she has lived 8 years as SNSD. "Motorcycle jacket, studded heel walker, I like them all." However, there's a question that remains. What's with the colourful hues of cute handbags she often wears and the huge ribbon headband and pajama set that she uploaded on Instagram. "Pretty things are good. There are times when I'm alone and I wear sexy slip one-pieces. (laughs)" Hyoyeon, who is familiar with self-expression, is in the middle of understanding what beauty is.

While making this record, what were the areas that were certain and what areas were confusing?
One thing that is certain is choreography and our unique energy. When we practice that we want to stand on stage and we want to show it as soon as possible. We took photos for the album cover with members for the first time in a while and it felt different. The confusing parts are wondering if cute gestures are suitable since we are older than we were before (laughs).

What is the most difficult thing you've had to do while doing activities as SNSD thus far?
I didn't know how to match myself to SNSD. I like strong styles but SNSD had to be feminine, soft and innocent. I wore what they gave us to wear and I didn't pay attention to myself at all. I worked hard at investing more in myself and I started doing my own makeup. Now I've become more SNSD-like and within that, I've found myself.

Are you thinking about showing this side of you in a project outside of SNSD? You said one time that you're confident in Missy Elliot's style of music.
Now that I hear that, it's cheesy (laughs). Please let me cancel Missy Elliot. Before, I searched for my dream in a faraway place but I realized it's close to me. What I like is what I'm doing now, which is dancing and singing on stage. Through unit or solo activities, I want to show a strong appearance like a female warrior. I also think it would be fun to stand on stage with the concept we shot today. If you act sexy but are not sexy and you dance well, it appears really sexy.

Have you practiced anything for that stage?
I'm going to upload videos of me dancing with friends on social media. After practicing, if I watched by myself, it's not fun. Beyonce filmed her "7/11" music video wearing pajamas and knee socks and dancing in a hotel. Like that, I want to film it while playing naturally with friends. It's like a reality show of a single day.

Soon, will air and a book will be published. What do you think is the ideal appearance of a beautiful woman?
Before I used to lay down 3 centimeters of foundation on my face (laughs). On stage, that would look pretty but I think I look most like my age and natural when I apply thin foundation and line my eyes slightly. People who try hard to improve themselves are beautiful, like carrying around and trying to read a book even though you don't enjoy reading. I don't like people who say "it can't be done" or "I can't do it".

Other than standing on stage, is there something else you want to do?
I have a lot of interest in fashion design so I'm learning illustration right now. There aren't any clothes in colour schemes or prints that I like. One day, I would like to make my own and wear it.

Of SNSD songs, what is your favourite song?
"The Boys" and "Into the New World". During "The Boys" a lot of fun things happened. We had US activities and did a world tour. We had confidence on stage too. And "Into the New World" is a song that made our dreams come true.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Seohyun's plan?

I want to go on a trip with everyone. I want to film us being free and keep it. After a lot of time has passed, I want to watch it reflecting back on the memories we had.

Elegant Ballerina Seohyun

"I would've lived a life that is completely different from now." Seohyun is honest. There's no intention to embellish it as an unaccomplished dream. "I have memories of hardships (laughs). And I miss it too." Instead, she grew with SNSD. After sharing difficult memories and feelings that would be difficult for other people to imagine. "There are a lot of joyous memories. Truthfully, there are times when I hate it too. It can't always be good. And your affection grows deeper. Only we can know that feeling."

You're already in your 9th year since debut. What do you think has changed the most after your debut?
Compared to before, I have a lot more confidence. I became more natural. Before, I had to practice and think about how I would show something but now I have escaped such obsessiveness so I have more freedom.

Is there an area that you've poured your attention into these days?
Acting! I really liked it when I appeared briefly in the drama, . I went to shoot with one hour of sleep due to a busy schedule but I was overflowing with energy. I want to act well and continuously for a long time. So I'm trying not to rush it.

Recently, you acted and sang in the role of Scarlett O'Hara in . How was it portraying her growth story?
I was truly happy. The image that the public has of me is very righteous, innocent and nice. Everyone thought Melanie was better suited for me than Scarlett. But I was more attracted to Scarlett. There are many sides of me. So I really wanted to show that side of me quickly. I want to do the role of Scarlett again next time.

You've also written songs with other members. If you were to write a song about SNSD, what story do you want to tell?
I want to write our story. Things that happened to us and I want to express conversations between women. I wrote a lot of lyrics for this record but none of them made it (laughs). Even though they didn't make the cut, I think it was a good experience. I'm thinking of using the lyrics for my own songs later. It's not anything tremendous. While playing guitar (laughs).

While preparing the comeback record, what appearance did you think would be good for SNSD to have?
Whenever we released a new record, we always said we would show a new side of us and it's the same for this one. I attempted different things here and there, thinking about ways we can sing songs that would be new and fresh.

Where do you think the limit of SNSD's music is?
Honestly, when we listened to "I Got a Boy", we thought, "How do we do a song like this?" It has been almost 10 years since our debut and we can't always be pursuing youthful things. As singers, we wanted to show more progressive sides of us. If we had always made safe choices, there would've been skepticism. I think you can only improve after attempting various challenges and if it doesn't work, thinking about why it didn't work.

If you had a personal goal separate from SNSD, what would it be?
One day, I definitely want to travel the world. Right now, I don't have the freedom to go anywhere and I'm always in a similar environment. Through travel, you can break that mold and see things in a bigger picture.

It seems like you are maintaining a good balance between a celebrity's life and Seohyun's personal life. How do you make that possible?
I don't think being a celebrity is my whole life. It is something I have to put all of my effort into right now but when I look at my life as a whole, I don't want to live it tied to work. I want to enjoy life and I want to see the big picture.

On the 10 year anniversary of SNSD, what is Sunny's plan?

I want us to go on a trip together and have a fun time. It would be good to shoot an editorial or film a video with the concept of "Free SNSD".

Intellectual Movie Director Sunny

While other members were chatting and being playful, Sunny looked as though she was deep in thought. Like a movie director who is filled with thoughts behind the camera. When you listen to Sunny's words, you'll know that this story wasn't told just to try and make it fit with her concept. "If I were a movie director, I think I would be a director who makes movies like or because I have a lot of interest in psychology." After a flashy celebrity life before the camera, Sunny imagines a quiet and normal life. Of course you can't leave out the following fantasy. "I think it would be fun to make a superhero movie starring SNSD members. Using strengths of each individual, it'd be like making a female version of movie."

How are you spending your time these days?
I'm focusing on myself. After debuting, I feel like I've continuously lived the life of a celebrity. I'm in the middle of looking for an internal place where I can rest and recharge my energy while being busy. I'm looking for a place where I can put my heart. Thankfully, I am healing a bit thanks to my cat.

On the radio show,  if you could listen to songs that you want for a whole day, what kind of music do you want to listen to?
I think I would play mostly R&B and hip hop. I like music by black musicians. I would start lightly with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" and end it with Blackstreet's "Happy Song (Tonight)".

Are there musicians you would like to work with?
I think it would be fun to work with rappers who tell the stories of their own lives.

The expectation for this record must be very high; do you feel like you're well prepared?
To be honest, satisfaction is comparative. While preparing for the record, I'm not able to feel enough satisfaction. Because of that I'm pushing myself more. I'm hoping it's more refined, more complete.

How would you assess SNSD right now?
I think we are a group with a lot of experience, rather than a group at the top. We've had many eras and experienced many incidents. I think we are a group that draws a lot of strength from experience.

What's the next step for SNSD?
I've thought of next steps before but I find it doesn't always turn out the way you think. I think water flows where it will flow. With anything, if you force it, it's unnatural and it feels like you're wearing someone else's clothes. SNSD should do what feels right at that time and what we want to do at that time.

Are there things you want to do personally, outside of SNSD?
Regular person Soon-Kyu, not celebrity Sunny, is actually not well suited for challenges. Celebrity Sunny is not afraid of new challenges. After having lived like that for 9 years, I want to do as little individual activity as possible and instead, I want to have personal time to myself. I have thoughts like that. What is normal, I want to experience normal things. Sometimes I imagine going out without hats, masks and sunglasses and eating comfortably, shopping and playing with friends to my heart's content. I can't do that right now.

If you were given one month of vacation, what would you like to do?
I would go see family. Everyone lives apart. My parents are in the Middle East, my eldest sister's family is in Korea and my other sister's family is in the US. I think seeing everyone will take a month.

Have you ever had a time where your bright and positive image has felt uncomfortable or suffocating?
I think it's okay because it's not an image where you have to always be feminine or calm; I can be comfortable and be myself. It's not an image I've created but it's a part of my true self that the public has caught on to so thankfully, it's not burdensome.

Have you ever thought of a life where you've left SNSD?
One day, we could get into a situation where we can't sing or dance. Even so, I think members will say 'Girls, girls' and play with each other like we do now and know what everyone is thinking just by looking at their eyes. I think we will age exactly as we are now.

A 15 Hour Location Sketch of SNSD's Transformation Day

Mature SNSD gathered in one place and stood before the cameras. Their bright and refreshing laughs which filled the photoshoots were not any different from when the first debuted.

Yoona transformed into an elegant actress, whose blonde hair is not at all awkward even though it is her first attempt. The location shined brightly when the spotlight was on her wearing a golden dress.

Yoona, who says she wants to attempt a tomboy concept one day, was easygoing on location. She was like a troublemaker, who laughed big and chatted with the members.

With a cute mask and rebellious teenager concept, a punky Taeyeon was born. She's quiet but committed; Taeyeon moved freely before the camera and took photos like a pro.

Yuri, who had a copper surfer concept, monitored more diligently than anyone else on site. She showed her passion by checking the monitor multiple times and discussing the images that came up.

This is the shot that Yuri liked the most, who was very involved with the photoshoot. After the shoot, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Yoona were looking at other members' photos and as soon as they saw Yuri's photo, they shouted that it looked amazing.

Hyoyeon transformed into a punk rock concept with short blonde hair, shoulder tattoo, and a strong image. Appropriate as the mood maker on site, the sound of her laughter never ended.

Seohyun, who transformed into a lovely ballerina, showed off beginner-level ballet moves. This appearance showed off her long arms and legs.

After the photographer, Tiffany took the most photos this day! With or without members, even before going into her shoots, she was preoccupied taking selfies.

Sooyoung's puppy, Bori, came groomed from head to toe this day for the photoshoot. Sooyoung was busy taking care of the puppy all day until she left the studio.

Health juice that had thoughtful notes written just for SNSD. Members didn't forget to drink between sets and recharged their energy.

Tiffany, who is passionate about fashion and art, went back and forth between the editor and the intern from . Tiffany was like a pro, who actively gave her opinions more than anyone and wanted to work together.

Sunny, who showed a masculine mood as an intellectual movie director, exuded charisma with her small build. She couldn't hold back her mischievous laugh which filled and brightened the studio.

Even though it was a photoshoot for a single editorial, there were a total of 4 cameras. There were 50 staff members on site. Even though the shoot lasted for 15 hours, everyone's energy was overflowing with SNSD.

When Sooyoung's puppies arrived, the location became even brighter and livelier. The rascals made a cameo on site and hogged the love of the members and staff.

Taeyeon showed her cute, lovely and sexy side wearing smoky makeup and holding a lollipop.

Ahn Sung-Jin photographer, who was responsible for the entire shoot this day. With a heavy charisma, he led the shoot and communicated individually with all 8 members to bring their fantasy to life through the camera.

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