SNSD's TaeYeon her adorable SelCa updates

SNSD's TaeYeon is here to greet fans with her cute selfie!

Check out her adorable photo below where she shared, "Onstyle's gift♥ #ChannelSNSD #ChaSo #ChannelSoShi #AndMe"~

After that, TaeYeon also shared some behind the scene pictures from her MIXXO pictorial.

"#mixxo #2015FW"

Lastly, TaeYeon also wrote, "#tySONE even when I'm not hungry, I eat well and get strength thanks to you all #thankyou #iateitwell the day is really humid and hot. sone, eat well and take care of your health too! I'll work hard to become thicker paper too."

Taeyeon's Instagram

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