SNSD TaeYeon's haters, enough is enough!

Enough is enough, that would be one way to summarize SNSD TaeYeon's latest post in respond to all the haters and those who keeps spreading malicious comments about her.

On July 20, TaeYeon shared what she has been keeping to herself and expressed, "Yes, I'm looking at all of it now. Ever since long ago because of serious malicious comments, starting from my family and even to the people around me, they have all suffered heartaches. There have also been many events that have given my fans very serious wounds.. There have been many people who have asked me to respond [to these people] legally and my fansites have also actively helped me. Me aside, I get hurt till the point where my heart aches when I see the people around me receiving a lot of stress and it's also the same [situation] now.. A few months ago after discussing with my agency, we have already been compiling malicious comments and photos [as evidence]. We have also already begun legal procedures but I am thinking of doing even more.. Fans, if you have even more evidence, please send them to us so we can compile them. I'm sorry for always making you feel the same pain that I feel and I'm really thankful that you're always the first to stand by my side and put in effort for me. I thought I was already strong enough but after what happened this time, I realised that I still need to get stronger. SONE, let's stay just the way we are and excitedly enjoy our "Party" together!"

Be strong TaeYeon. We are always here to support you!

For all haters out there, better stop right now.  What do you get from hating anyways. Spread love, not hate!

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