The Wonder Girls greets fans for their 'Reboot' comeback

Prior to their comeback which will be through the release of their 3rd album titled 'Reboot', the Wonder Girls are here to greet their fans.

Through Naver, YeEun said, "Wonder Girls has returned with 'Reboot,'" followed by Yubin who expressed, "We're so happy to be saying hi to you after such a long time."

Lim also added, "We participated in the writing and composing of many tracks on this album, so please look forward to Wonder Girls, which has transformed into band." YeEun then ended it with, "Please show us lots of love and support for returning after a long time."

The Wonder Girls will hold their 'Reboot Showcase' on August 3, and after that, their first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown on August 6.


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