f(x) Amber defends Rainbow's Woori in her latest post

f(x)'s Amber has step up to clear the misunderstanding and defend her friend, Rainbow's Woori.

In her latest post, Amber stated, "Sometimes things get lost in translation, so I just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings before they go bad for no reason. First, Woori is someone very close to me and has basically been my mom in Korea. Being that sort of figure to me, she’s taught me a lot about living on my own and has helped me along to the way. In a recent show, she said some things about me and this is my take on it. Number one, they’re pretty much true, haha, and honestly it was really funny; and two, since its her, she’s pretty much allowed to say it. If it wasn’t someone this close to me, I wouldn’t have made the effort to even say anything. But since Woori and I are like family, I didn’t want anyone to misunderstand. It hurts me that someone like Woori is getting backlash over something about me that was meant to be funny. Woori is the best!! :D."

This issue started when Woori appeared on the TV show 'Wednesday Food Talk' where she shared, "Amber is a foreign friend, so, firstly, she does not like rice.  When we do eat rice once in a while, she really eats it like dog food.  She puts everything in and eats it all at once. This is why I try not to really eat at the same table with her."  It was meant to be funny but some fans thought Woori was criticizing how Amber eats because she's a foreigner.

With Amber's explanation, things should be cleared by now.

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