Check out SNSD's adorable clip and pictures with Chu Sarang

Girls' Generation members have reunited with Chu Sarang from the show 'The Return of Superman'.

Her visit in Korea where she met the members of SNSD will be broadcast this Sunday, for the meantime, you can check out their adorable clips and pictures below~

Edit: You can now watch SNSD's appearanceon 'The Return of Superman' here.

"Tiffany: sarang selfie swag ♥ #TheReturnofSuperman"

"Yuri: Sarang, chu #mischievouskid#herlegsgotlonger"

"Tiffany: Sarang-chan + mister taxi = excitement ♥ #TheReturnofSuperman"

"Tiffany: Sarang-chan Watch kbs #TheReturnofSuperman today at 4:50 ♥ #LOVE ♥"

Yuri and Tiffany's Instagram

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