Listen to the 'Random Noises' from f(x) Amber's 'What the Pineapple'

Sunday is 'What the Pineapple' day with f(x)'s Amber!

For this week's post, she and her friends are back with a fun song.  Check out how they created it by making 'Random Noises'~

"As many of you know, teamwork is essential in order to accomplish any task. Thus, we gathered a bunch of our friends, had each one of them repeat a sound, and compiled all the sounds up together to make a quick, fun song. Yay~ This just goes to show, there truly is no “I” in team.…  Unless you’re a world renowned beatboxer. Then it’s just not fair." -What The Pineapple
"Take 1 of Random Noises and then we got kicked out... Woops sorry. Hahha.

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