Luna expressed her gratitude for f(x)'s 6th Anniversary

As today, September 5, is the 6th anniversary of f(x), Luna is here to express her gratitude.

Check out her latest picture below where she thanked their fans, managers, and everyone who are always there to support them~

"Our dear f(x), the manager oppas and our dear fans who are always by our side giving us strength and waiting for us… Today was f(x)’s 6th anniversary and the In The Heights first performance, thank you to my dear members, manager oppas and fans for coming to congratulate right to the performance venue, It’s already been 6 years, us f(x) became women from our teens to our 20s, from now on let’s love and take care more, I love you f(x) ~ I love you, our fans~~~♥"

Cr:Luna's Instagram

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