SNSD SooYoung express her gratitude by sharing a picture with lucky fans

SNSD's 'Lion Heart' has ended on today's Inkigayo.  Showing her appreciation for all the love that they have received, here's SooYoung who thanked fans by sharing a picture with some lucky fans.

Check the next photo where SooYoung expressed, "Thanks to my 'aweSONE' Proper words to express my thankful heart in a few lines at most can't come to my mind. As Girls' Generation and Choi Sooyoung, when I first started, the identity was obscure, and I couldn't confirm even my own self and what kind of person I was . 8 years passed and our 5th album came out, eventually, I feel that everyone was my identity, my own self, and my diary. Every time I see our albums one by one, the me during those times, everyone at those times, and those times on stage come to my mind. When I bring out the 5th album as time passed, it will touch my heart and make my heart flutter, and I will be thankful and feel sorry at once. Times that fly between our fingers even if we squeeze them..And those memories that could've been written in many more diaries..So that they won't be regrettable anymore .. I hope this album can be an album that can fill a vancancy in everyone's hearts. You're completely the one who made us come this far, and this album is completely for you. Thank you^^* #5thalbum #thanks TO #hereitis #thankyou #Iloveyou #LionHeart #SONE #Myheri #19trophies #blackandwhite #tomakepubliccosplay".

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