SNSD TaeYeon greets fans with her lovely selfies

SNSD's TaeYeon is here to greet fans!

Take a look at her lovely selfies where she expressed, "Hello everyone it's Taeyeon.  Long time no see, everyone. How are you all doing? Recently, it's been raining everyday... It feels as if it is telling us that summer is over.  It's gotten a little colder, so please be careful not to catch a cold ^^."

TaeYeon continued with, "Today's picture is this. We are trying really hard with activities for our recent release, "Lion Heart", so please cheer us on. I want to see you all soon and show you all performances ♥ Also, SNSD's tour this year as announced the other day at SMTOWN LIVE IN OSAKA!! We'll try our very best to make wonderful memories with everyone again, so please anticipate it ♥ We'll work hard from now on, so please support us."

Taeyeon's Instagram

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