Watch SNSD YoonA and SooYoung's cuts from 'Mickey Mouse Club'

Following their teaser last week, SNSD YoonA and SooYoung's guesting on Disney Korea's Mickey Mouse Club has finally aired!

Check out their segments where SooYoung shared, "The angle of your face is really important in CFs. I preferred the right side of my face, but advertisers liked the left side of my face.  Korean cosmetics brands liked the right side of my face for ads, while overseas cosmetics brands liked the left side of my face."

On the show SooYoung also revealed, "I once shot a cosmetics CF in which the concept was water running down my face. They poured real water on my face during the shoot, not CG. Water went into my ears, and I was drenched from head to toe, but the results were really good. That was my most memorable CF."


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