As expected, Tiffany is TaeYeon's number one fan!

During TaeYeon's 'I-Contact' broadcast yesterday, she asked her fellow SNSD members to call her if ever they are watching.  Within just a few moments, someone was already calling her, and as expected, it was her best friend, her number one fan, Tiffany!

TaeYeon was surely delighted to see Tiffany's name on her phone, and you can watch their warm conversation below~

During their conversation, Tiffany expressed, "As a friend who I've lived with for 11 years, this is a moment that you've waited for, for 11 years." She continued, "As much as you've waited, it's an album that makes you feel all that passion, that time, that honesty. So to all of us, it's an album that is so, so meaningful. To our members."  Tiffany ended it with, "Taeyeon, I think I'm going to tear up again. Taeyeon, congratulations... Don't cry. My tears rights now, oh my god. See you at home."

SMEnt,Naver's V

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