Listen to the tracks from f(x)'s 4th album '4 Walls'

Love is f(x)... Love is 4 Walls!

f(x)'s latest album is finally out, and if you have already ordered it but can't wait to listen to the tracks, you can now check them out below~

1. 4 Walls (You can watch the music video here)

2. Glitter (f(x) 'Glitter' Lyrics)

3. Déjà vu (f(x) 'Déjà vu' Lyrics)

4. X (f(x) 'X' Lyrics)

5. Rude Love (f(x) 'Rude Love' Lyrics)

6. Diamond (f(x) 'Diamond' Lyrics)

7. Traveler (f(x) 'Traveler' Lyrics)

8. Papi (f(x) 'Papi' Lyrics)

9. Cash Me Out (f(x) 'Cash Me Out' Lyrics)

10. When I’m Alone (f(x) 'When I'm Alone' Lyrics)

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