f(x)'s Victoria is Li Luo of 'Ice Fantasy'

Victoria Song will continue to wow fans through her acting!

She will be playing the character of 'Li Luo', the lead role in the upcoming Chinese epic fantasy drama titled 'Ice Fantasy'.  The drama is scheduled to be aired in 2016 but to give us a good preview, you can check out her cool posters below~

Li Luo is born with lowly civilian status, but with her brave and resolute attitude, she quickly becomes a powerful sorceress and envoy for The Guards. She meets Ka Suo and the two fall in love. However, the Ice King forbids them to marry, as the royal family are not allowed to marry non-pure-blood commoners. Therefore, the two are forced to separate and Li Luo disappears -Wiki

Meanwhile, let's go back to the present first and meet f(x)'s Victoria.  She did some shopping today, and you can see it through her next pictures~

Victoria's Instagram

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