Listen to the tracks from SNSD TaeYeon's 'I' mini-album

The wait for SNSD TaeYeon's solo album is officially over!

Get ready to blown away as you listen to TaeYeon's amazing songs below~

I ('I' Lyrics)
Title song 'I' is a medium temp pop song that strikes a balance between electronic guitar tunes and strong drum rhythm. TaeYeon participated in songwriting for the first time since her debut, and lyrics contain autobiographical stories of honest feelings and promise for the future, that is hidden beneath a flashy spotlight. Additionally, hip hop musician Verbal Jint participated as featured rapper, which harmonizes TaeYeon's powerful and soft vocals with Verbal Jint's unique tone, elevating the song's charm to the next level.

U R ('U R' Lyrics)
As a ballad song that shows off TaeYeon's bright and clean vocal accompanied by a tranquil acoustic piano melody and flashy stringed instrument performance, 'U R' contains a double meaning of 'You are' and 'Under the Rainbow'. Memorable lyrics desctibe the heart of a lovely girl who is waiting for someone who is like a light and ream, in a rainy environment.

Gemini ('Gemini' Lyrics)
R&B track that expresses a warm sensibility by showing off TaeYeon's sorrowful and sweet voice that tells the heartbreaking story of parting ways with one's love, who brought happiness when they were together like twins. The song's completion was heightened with participation from British composing team LDN Noise, who composed SHINee's 'View' and Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb'.

Stress ('Stress' Lyrics)
A sophisticated pop song that shows off a cheerful percussion rhythm and delicate melody, composing team Joombas, well-known for hit songs SHINee's 'Dream Girl' and EXO's 'Growl', worked on the song, and it draws attention by playfully expressing the frustrating and upsetting aspect of a push-pull relationship between lovers.

Farewell ('Farewell' Lyrics)
A ballad song that contains the hesitation and pain before a farewell that most people have experienced at least one, with memorable lyrics that express a woman's heart that has memories of palpitating love but is unable to go back. This song, which was worked on by the producing group, Monotree, has a stylish code with minimal and restrained instruments, which adds to the sorrowful charm, pulling out the calm but sad emotions.

I (Instrumental)

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