Relive TaeTiSeo's adorable moments with the Minions

Not only kids but also kids at heart have been captivated by these cute yellow creatures who we all know as Minions.

Girls' Generation members specially TaeYeon, TIffany, and SeoHyun are no exception, and below are some of their adorable moments.

First, let's go back and see where it all started.  Back in 2010, SNSD's TaeYeon and SeoHyun were chosen to dub for the Korean version of 'Despicable Me', and in 2013, they were also chosen to dub for 'Despicable Me 2'.  How adorable was it? Watch their dubbing clips below.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me 2

Being the voices behind the characters in the movie, they were also present at the VIP premieres.

Also, there was a time when Minions welcomed them at the airport.

That doesn't stop there as TaeYeon was also seen carrying a Minion or even cosplaying as one.

Confirming her love for Minions, here's her bestfriend Tiffany who shared, "When you like hello kitty & your bestfriend likes minions.."

They are the ones who promote the love for Minions in their group, and here's one video where they got HyoYeon to join them.

Not only with the Minions, but the girls have also fallen for the Banana Song. Check out their fun clips.

Lyp-synching was quite easy but SeoHyun took it to another level by successfully mimicking the voice of the minions.  Check out her amusing clip below.

How about you, do you like Minions too?

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