SNSD members express their support for TaeYeon's 'I'

Love is in the air as SNSD members express their support for TaeYeon's mini-album!

Let's start with Tiffany who expressed, "Listening to this album brought me into tears within the first song #i is deeply refreshing & altogether so liberating. words cant explain how proud & inspired i am. tonights your night bae & its only your beginning♥ xx".

Next up was Yuri who wrote, "Taeyeon-ah, I sincerely congratulate you. Sing for a long, long time in the future too. Take care of our Taeyeonie well, thump thump #I #Taeyeon".

Sunny also joined and said, "Taengoo-yah, I'm proud of you!!!!!!!!! #Taeyeon #I Please break through the top even more~!!!!!".

Maknae SeoHyun will definitely not be the one to miss out as she expressed, "Sky that pours light~~~~~~Standing under it, I~I~I~I, I, I~~ #Taeyeon unnie, lots, lots, lots of congratulations on your solo debut~~♡Ah...Because #I is so good, it's on endless repeat hehe we all support you~♡Taengoo unnie, figh-Taeng!!^^♡#UR also is good..All of the side tracks are so~~o good..TT".

And of course, HyoYeon who expressed, "Taeyeon who sings is the coolest. The song is so good, some kind of relief pierce through inside me. I totally thought the album was a pictorial.. I'll have it, so will you sign it for me? Also, with a Ps. I'm so proud of you, Kim Taeyeon! Congrats on your first solo debut❤ Fighting on your debut stage tomorrow too! #Taeyeon #I #GG".

Last but not the least, YoonA also expressed, "All day #heartattackfromthemomentyoulisten #everythingwillturnoutwell #fighting #I #LoveTaengunnie #GeminiYoong #Yoongstagram".

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