See what happens when TaeYeon tries to give her album to SooYoung

Showing their support for each other, two SNSD members came to M Countdown today to show their support for TaeYeon's solo debut.

First up is SooYoung who even played the role of a busy senior who has no time to accept her junior's album.  You can check out their funny and sweet moments below.

"SooYoung: Ha, seriously, saying "Yah, yah" to a senior, 
where did you learn to talk like that .Taeyeon #OurTaengoo#I#mcountdown#fighTaeng"

The other member who came to cheer for TaeYeon today was Tiffany, and here's the photo where she shared, "Solo swag #Taengfridge #letswin1stplacefighting".

Sooyoung and Tiffany's Instagram

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