Krystal revealed why she cried so much after f(x)'s 1st '4 Walls' win

On November 10th, the girls of f(x) except Luna guested on SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show'.

During the show, Kim TaeGyun asked Krystal, "I heard you cried a lot after winning the number one trophy, but you don′t seem like the type that cries. What caused you to get emotional?"  To this, Krystal replied, "We all cried. I thought, we′re being rewarded for the struggles we went through."

The DJs then added, "Luna said on social media ′Thank you to the members who accepted my stubbornness." Krystal then explained, "While working on this album, the members voiced many different opinions. I think she was referring to that."

After that, the DJs also asked, "Krystal shot an underwater scene in the new music video. How do you look so pretty even underwater?".  To this, Krystal replied, "I think I look better underwater, We shot the music video in Jeju-do, and we filmed inside an outdoor pool on a rainy afternoon."  She ended it by saying, "After we wrapped filming, I was so cold, I just screamed."

Luna wasn't with them because of her 'In the Heights' musical.  Meanwhile, you can watch f(x)'s winning moments from M Countdown here.


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