SeoHyun warmly expressed her gratitude to all the fans who watched SNSD's 'Phantasia' Concert

Still feeling the love from SNSD's recent 'Phantasia' concert in Seoul, here's SeoHyun who thanked fans through her latest post.

Along with her lovely photo, SeoHyun expressed, "SONE... How could you touch us like this..? ㅜㅜ How do we live without our SONE~ㅜㅜ Everyone who came to #SNSDConcert #Phantasia yesterday and cheered... Thank you so, so much~ I really think it will remain as a beautiful memory that I will not forget~^^ #AsExpectedSONEisBest ♡♡ Thank you, our SONE~♡ I love you, our SONE ♡♡"~

Seohyun's Instagram

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