SNSD YoonA has been cast in the movie '공조 / Cooperation' with Hyun Bin

SNSD YoonA's acting prowess is taking her to the big screen!

On November 16th, it has been revealed that she has been cast in the upcoming Korean movie tentatively titled 'Cooperation' together with actors Hyun Bin and Lee Hae Jin.

The movie will be about a joint investigation between South Korea and North Korea that will happen for the first time. YoonA will be playing the role of Park Minyoung, the sister in law of Yoo Haejin who will be the South Korean investigator, and Hyun Bin will be the North Korean investigator.

Their filming will begin in March of 2016.

YoonA Hyun Bin movie 공조

Left to Right: Yoo Hae Jin, YoonA, Hyun Bin


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