SNSD Sunny and HyoYeon thanks fans for coming to their 'Phantasia' concert in Seoul

Thanking fans who came to watch them, here are SNSD's Sunny and HyoYeon~

"Sunny: Celebrating first day well! #Phantasia #SNSDConcert #SoshiCon 
Thank you for coming ♥ Thanks to you, we had a lot of strength so it was always, 
always fun fun on stage!!!! Give us a lot of strength tomorrow too♥"

"HyoYeon: Wasn't #SNSD a bit awesome today ???
Hehe. Thank you really to #SONE who joined us today 20151121"

Also check out HyoYeon's pictures with Eric Nam and other friends who came to watch the concert.

Sunny,Hyoyeon's Instagram

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