SNSD's Sunny is leaving 'FM Date'

It was fun but SNSD's Sunny will soon be leaving MBC's 'FM Date'.

It has been revealed that due to Sunny and SNSD's upcoming concert schedules, she has concluded that it will be impossible to do both.  SM Entertainment has confirmed this, and Sunny's last radio broadcast will be on November 15.

In addition to that, Sunny also shared her thoughts by saying, "I should′ve told you first^^ You must′ve been shocked and disappointed after seeing the articles. I was so happy during the year and six months as FM Date′s DJ. I made the decision after careful consideration, so even though you′re disappointed, please be understanding and hold me! I will be on fire every day for the remaining week!!

Each and every relationship I formed as a DJ are all so precious and beautiful. I will hold onto it and won′t ever forget it!! Let′s save the time we have left and chat~ Thank you for loving even the sides to me that were lacking!! For now, I will focus on SNSD′s concert! I will show you a good stage!!

Ah! There′s also some good news coming soon?!^^ I will only show you let you hear my good sides~ All of the Sunny′s FM Date family, I love you!! Although it won′t be as often, looking forward to meeting you all again!!!!"
Thank you, DJ Sunny. You did a wonderful job! Time to take your well deserved rest.

Meanwhile, SNSD's concert titled 'Phantasia' will be held in Seoul on November 21 and 22.

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