Check out SNSD TaeYeon's updates from her 'Very Special Day' concert

SNSD TaeYeon's series of solo concerts is over but the fun doesn't stop there.

Thanking fans, here are TaeYeon's adorable updates from her 'Very Special Day' concert~

"Sixth special day #tysone #TaeyeonsVerySpecialHalloween  "

"Thank you for creating the most unforgettable Halloween 
& for spending the last night of October with me"

"Seventh special day. I love you so much that I can't express it with words 
& thank you #tysone"

"My love Soshi, who cheered me on and gave me strength during the 7 days I had performances so that I wasn't lonely ♥ From Yuri, who was the first to surprise with an appearance; Yoona, who I feel sorry to and thankful for and who happened to come to the most special day; cool Fany and Seohyun-ie, who gave me an unforgettable surprise; cutie Sunny and Hyoyeon-ie, who made the last peformance fun and warm; and lastly, our Sooyoungie, who wanted to come to the performance, who liked 'I' more than anyone else and said she wanted to hear it live. Truly thank you for cheering me on and giving me strength even while you were busy because of filming. ♥ And thank you to our SONE, who cried and laughed with me and as with me for the beginning and the end every day ♥ This is not the end, there is more remaining >< #TellThemThereIsMoreOf2015 #MemoriesofAgit"

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