Sunny shares adorable backstage pictures with Yuri, Bora, Juniel and more!

Thanking all the fans who came to support SNSD's 'Phantasia' Concert in Seoul, here's Sunny with her wonderful treat.

Check out her adorable pictures with Yuri, Bora, Juniel, and more~

"Thank you SONE ❤️ As expected SONE is best 
#Phantasia #SNSDConcert #SoshiCon #Touched #SONE #ILoveYou  "

"Thank you for coming!! I had so much fun!! Love you all guys❤️ 
#phantasia #SONE #thebestfandomoftheworld"

"Thank you for coming, cutie Juniel"

"Rabo, Rabo I love you ❤️"

"Our Jihoonie... Auntie looks different, right?! Kekekekeke"

"My love Rino ♥ you r the best👍"

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