Tiffany talks about TaeTiSeo's December comeback

It has been reported and confirmed many times before, and now, Tiffany is here to give us a few more details about TaeTiSeo's December comeback.

During the PressCon of SNSD's 'Phantasia' Concert, Tiffany revealed, "We′re in the final stages of production. It will probably come out in time for the holiday season. We′re working on putting together fun music that will serve to be a nice gift in December. We′d like for fans to listen to SNSD′s music with variety until December 2015."

Tiffany ended it by saying, "Although a few months have passed since we promoted together as a group, we always say, ′It was a happy and fun promotion period.′ When I look back on the year 2015, I think there will be a lot of happy memories. But I think all of the members will choose SNSD activities."  She added, "Personally, since the end of last year, I ran with the plan to turn 2015 into SNSD′s year together with the members. SNSD activities were the most memorable, and since the begining of the year, we′ve participated in various individual and group activities, from concerts, solo albums and acting, and there′s a gift waiting in December, so I′d like to go to the end and wrap up the year as SNSD."


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