Choi Sulli will star in Kim Soo Hyun's movie titled 'Real'

Choi Sulli is up for another movie project!

After 'The Pirates' and 'Fashion King', it has now been revealed that she has been cast in Kim Soo Hyun's upcoming movie titled 'Real'.

'Real' will be an action noir film which will be about a troubleshooter who handles requests in the underworld, and the mysterious events he encounters. Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of Jang Tae Young, the ruthless troubleshooter who aspires to conquer the city by building a large scale casino while Sulli will be playing the role of Song Yu Hwa, a physical therapist at the VVIP rehabilitation hospital which Jang Tae Young frequents.

Aside from the two, the movie will also star Sung Dong Il, Lee Sung Min and Jo Woo Jin, and Han Ji Eun. Their filming will start in January of 2016.


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