HyoYeon foresaw SeoHyun being cast as Sophie of 'Mamma Mia'?

As we all know, SNSD SeoHyun will be playing the role of 'Sophie' in the upcoming Korean adaptation of the musical titled 'Mamma Mia'.  She was definitely cast because of her talent and experience in musical shows, and it looks like HyoYeon saw it coming?

Lucky charm or just a cute coincidence?  Here's a clip from HyoYeon's '100MLike', during SNSD's 'Party' MV filming in Koh Samui where HyoYeon just randomly thought that SeoHyun looks like Sophie.  A few months later, SeoHyun doesn't look like Sophie anymore, she is the new Sophie!

SeoHyun really loves musicals so it's great to see that she's up for another project that she really like to do.  To wrap it up, here's an old clip of SNSD singing 'Honey Honey'.

You may also see SeoHyun's pictures as 'Sophie' here.

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