Monday Memes with SNSD, f(x), and Wonder Girls

Spreading the good vibes, here's our latest post named 'Monday Memes', a feature post which will help you to start your week with a smile!

It's a good day to have a good day so check out the fun and amusing set of Memes featuring SNSD, f(x), and Wonder Girls.

As always, don't forget to eat your breakfast after you wake up looking gorgeous like SeoHyun~

If you're in a hurry, sometimes, coffee is enough.

But wait, since Christmas is already over, we'll assume that you have already opened your gifts under the Christmas tree.

And if you did, we bet this is how you looked like after getting the present that you like.

That's it, enjoy your day, but before you go out. Here are some more Memes for you to check out.

Meanwhile, on the other side...

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