Check out SNSD HyoYeon's interview from 'Cosmopolitan' magazine

After seeing their pictures earlier, it's now time to know more about SNSD HyoYeon and Rebecca Louise through exercise.

Check out their interview from 'Cosmopolitan' magazine~


SNSD Hyoyeon and Rebecca Louise, who is most famous for the Miley Cyrus exercise, met. The common thread between the two people who are becoming healthier and even prettier on a daily basis are that they understand their own bodies and that they exercise diligently! The two people's special meeting joined by Le Coq Sportif.

While filming, the energy felt was comfortable, like the two of you were longtime friends. Did you know each other well?

Rebecca: I had known about SNSD well so even from before visiting Seoul, I was looking forward to today's meeting.

Hyoyeon: Same for me. I've watched a lot of exercise videos but Rebecca's videos are especially well conveyed and effective. It's full of exercise methods that deliver big results in a short time. I knew she had been famous for the Miley Cyrus exercise but seeing her in person is memorable as she is pretty, with a tight body line.

Rebecca: Hyoyeon, you are very beautiful as well!

Rebecca, you became well-known worldwide through your exercise videos on the internet, right?

Rebecca: I enjoyed exercise for a long time. And I dreamt of a life that gave inspiration and impact on people. I didn't know that dream would come true this fast. More than anything, I consider it important to enjoy exercising, so I'm more excited and happier as the positive reaction to exercise is expanding. These days, I'm spurred on by the reactions of the fans.

When did you start to have an interest in exercising?

Rebecca: For me, when I was about 3 years old? Haha. From ballet and tap dance to sports like soccer and hockey, I did a variety of exercises.

Hyoyeon: It's difficult to point out a specific time period but since I was young, I was on the active side. So I never had a compulsion to force myself but I've always been able to diligently exercise while enjoying it. Stretching and simple exercises before dance practice was already a habit for my body. Like walking to places that are close, I had always been doing routine exercises.

What kind of exercises do you enjoy?

Rebecca: I tend to enjoy both indoor and outdoor exercises. Of course, I try to exercise daily without fail. Walking my dog, Alfie, is one of the important exercises to me. For indoor exercises, I go to lessons at the gym or do weight training. I like yoga so I do hot yoga about four times a week. I also like outdoor exercises like golf and field hockey. I have past experience as a hockey player in southern England.

Hyoyeon: I do stretching, ab and muscle training exercises every day and I tend to do several, variety of exercises. I enjoy outdoor exercises like golf, swimming and scuba diving more than exercises at the gym. I try to play tennis at least once a week. Tennis is really a total body exercise. Also, if you look at the amount of exercise, there is no exercise as high in exertion as dance. As expected, the body lines of the SNSD members have all been trained through exercise and dance.

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