SNSD TaeYeon is happy and thankful for another wonderful year!

2015 was indeed a wonderful year for TaeYeon and SNSD!

After the long wait, TaeYeon has finally released her solo album which was well received by fans locally and abroad.  Her song titled 'I' received 11 trophies and if you will add the trophies from SNSD's 'Lion Heart' promotions, and their trophies from other awards shows, that would be a total of 32 which makes her the the artist who has received the most number of trophies for this year.  The count won't stop there, though, as TaeYeon has just released 'Dear Santa' with Tiffany and SeoHyun.

Through her interview with the news outlet OSEN, TaeYeon expressed, "I'm so happy to receive 32 first place trophies on music shows this year, it's such an honor.

TaeYeon also added, "Thanks to the support and love of so many people, I was able to sing happily and really enjoy it.  This was a really unforgettable year for me. From February to December, I worked hard as a member of Girls’ Generation and as a solo artist. Now I’ve started activities at the end of the year with TaeTiSeo, and I’ll show you an even better performance through these activities."

Taeyeon wrapped it up by saying, "Please show a lot of love for TaeTiSeo's first carol album. I’m always so grateful."

Thumbs up to SNSD and TaeYeon for the hard work,
 and all the Sones around the world for the never ending love and support.

Congratulations TaeYeon and Girls' Generation, the best is yet to come!


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